Basic handgun guide for starters
29 Apr

Basic handgun guide for starters

It has been a trend that people use handguns for hunting and sports purposes. For a good start, it is essential to purchase necessary tools such as the best gun safe, good-quality ammunition, and protecting gears to ensure a safe and successful gun shooting. But even you are already “armed” with the best tools, you also need to know the basic shooting process. This post is going to reveal step by step on using a handgun for starters.
Right grip

Firstly, you should pick a right handgun and ammunition based on your needs, prerequisites and your body features such as weight and height. Considering purchasing gears such as ear plugs and safety goggles to protect your ears and eyes.

Secondly, learn how to hold the handgun properly. At first, try to pick up your gun carefully and keep your finger away from the trigger guard. Once you totally control it, keep the barrel point downrange, not point at anyone whether your gun is loaded or not. For starters, it is highly recommended to practice with an unloaded gun.

Thirdly, get to know how to aim the gun accurately.


Close an eye and open the dominant one to make sure you align the front sight with the rear sight. If you can’t make your eye in that way, then open both eyes, but make sure you ignore what the side picture and focus on your target.  At this point, you can adjust the gun to the target. When you get the right trajectory of the bullet, load your gun.

The last and most important step, fire the gun!


It is of vital importance to keep your breath consistent before firing the gun. Don’t let nervousness mess everything up, and take a deep breath to keep your attention. When you squeeze the trigger, the gun will immediately fire. If you have someone who is excel at the handgun, then try to practice with him or her. Have a chat with them about your problems and get some useful ideas.


To sum up, practice makes perfect so try to spend at least several hours a week to practice firing rounds. After you understand the primary process, how well your handgun skills are will depend mostly on your practice, your patience, and consistency. Whenever you hold a gun in your hand, be vigilant and careful so that no harm is done, and there are no unwanted events.
Tips for hunting competition
28 Apr

Tips for hunting competition

     Before hunting, you have to know that you are not only the hunter in forest so you need to learn about tips for hunting competition. The following tips will provide you the interesting competitions with other hunters.

     1. Getting firstly:

     On the hunting days, there are countless blocked routes which just allow to walk simply or use horses instead of accessing car. Thus, most of hunters usually park car in gate in the early morning in order to star their hunt as soon as possible. If you would like to beat all of other hunters, let you come before midnight even sooner. What is more, you had better also remember to take a light sleeping bag so that you can sleep in forest when finding out the suitable accessing area. These spots are usually the wildlife’s virtual smorgasbords so let you choose a position in the rear area of an elevated spot away from the way by means of utilizing your flashlight sparingly. After having a shelter, you merely need to relax and wait others push prey up the right position. Let you approach this prey or others are eating in nature.
 Getting firstly

     2. Playing large honey holes game:

     You can completely play this game but you should not bet on a too deep gorge due to most the kinds of holes have not any trails or public roads below. Choosing the locations like that, it will be very uncomfortable for you to go deep down and pull died prey back up. Do not put yourself into this terrible nightmare in place of game-rich places.
 Playing large honey holes game

     3. Drive double-dipping:

     If you see a drive made by another hunter, let you try to predict position where prey will come for waiting. This is an acceptable tip without playing dirty as long as you know how to keep a reasonable distance from sides and do not interfere drive of other hunter.

     4. Do not follow the leader:

     In case you discover other hunter in front of you when tracking your prey, do not need to care about people behind), let you try to make a large circle and ambush prey because another will keep pulling prey away from you. However, to make sure the professional ethics, you had better do this thing in a certain distance about a half mile even more.
  Do not follow the leader
Top tips for hunting (part 2)
27 Apr

Top tips for hunting (part 2)

     9. Calling the spots

     If you are hunting in a bushy area and the prey has run away a far distance, let you pay attention to where it is shot even you are able to take your eyes off the running prey for caring this. It is very important for you to consider this because you can discover the exact area where prey is coming thanks to blood spots.

     10. Bewaring of the instant drop

     You ought to remember that perhaps the prey drops immediately because it is shocked by your shot. Thus, when it drops, let you are stationary and prepare for the next shot quickly, unless you want it runs away without walking normally. Some of them run a certain distance after that dropping.

     11. No poking the eyes of prey

     When the prey has dropped, you are not absolutely approached especially you should not utilize gun for poking quarry to know whether or not it really dies. This is very stupid due to your prey is able to rush to in a short distance without having any your precautions. You had better throw stones or branches into prey for knowing its response. Furthermore, the ability of an alive animal when closing eyes is very high. In the event of recognizing any signs of life in prey, let you shoot into the throat under chin without wasting meat as well as killing it as humane as possible.

     12. Looking up for blood

     When stalking the hurt prey, you not only have to focus on seeing the ground but also pay attention to the higher positions such as tree, grass.
Other small tips for staying warm in forest while hunting:
  • Sleeping in comfort
     You had better prepare the extra pad underneath your sleeping bag for avoiding cold because of the unheated cot in tent. In case you forget to take pad, let you spread your clothes. The loft in your bag is also a good choice due to it is compressed by your weight. Therefore, it is the great material when contacting to the thin fabric of cot.
  • Taking your best bag
     Although you stay in tent or cabin equipped the extra wood stove, you ought to ensure that you have the best sleeping bag in anticipation of hunting in the cold weather. When it’s getting dark, fire will turn off so the inside temperature is equal the outside temperature. The light sleeping bag just suits to hunts in summer.
      Horseback riding in cold weather will help you relax, if riding in a long time. You can warm yourself by taking your horse for a walk down hill. This not also helps your blood circulate good but also is a great opportunity for your horse a rest.